Our Mission...

The Chaos System is an idea… Yes of course it’s equipment, but what is the equipment for?

It’s easy to take good quality gear and make some business model so one can extract capital from people at a venue. You can find those kind of places all over the Phoenix valley. It’s fine. It’s what people do. But it’s not that interesting. It’s not that connective.

The mission with the Chaos System is to facilitate the best quality of sound with the most access. We strive to make available a setup to make you sound as good as possible without also forcing everyone to pay so much to go that often many can’t. We want to allow up and coming talent that is finding its sound an opportunity to sound better than the places that do cost the most to gain access to. We want to give these acts a record of this time as well by making sure to film and record every show.

The Chaos System is building a foundation of community first, and an economy and access that supports that community and artists. It means that we still don’t have a permanent space, but we are looking. It means that as this concept grows we’ll want to create a community center for every kind of artistic expression, not just music. But music brings us all together like nothing else, and we can make it sound great with one of the best sound systems in the valley.

This is a developing concept, so stay tuned here and be a part of the Phoenix underground to see what we do. Some interesting things are coming up and we will need your help to make them happen! Check us out on Patreon to start supporting us now!

It’s not about anything…

Or is it?